Need  a versatile board that you have to be able to move around the room or to another room.  Then the Combination Fixed Whiteboard on a Mobile Frame  is just what you need.  Easy to move as required and has lockable castors.

You have a choice of 6 different panel surfaces to choose from.  Have Side 1 as a Magnetic Whiteboard (procelain or commerical) and have Side 2 either a Velour Pinboard, Krommenie, Cork or a Chalkboard.  If you need a different variation or combination, then just ask us.

  1. The Whiteboard surface can be either Porcelain or Commercial.
  2. The Chalkboard surface is made from Porcelain.  All 3 surfaces will accept magnets and magnetic products.
  3. The Velour Pinboard is made from Vertiface Velour with 38 colours to choose from.  The fabric is pinnable and velcro compatible.
  4. Krommenie is a substainable cork product.
  5. Cork

Vista Fixed Mobile Combination boards are double sided  Metallo Trim boards with mitred (square)corners on a mobile fixed frame.

A double sided 300mm pen tray is also included.

The frame colour is  Light Grey aluminium with 2 lockable castors.

Height of frame: 1500mm.

Combination Fixed Whiteboard Features:

  • Easy to move Double-sided Fixed Combination Board
  • Choose the surface from Whiteboard or Chalkboard or a Pin Board
  • Combination Boards come with Metallo Trim and mitred(square) corners
  • Frame colour is Light Grey aluminium frame with 2 lockable castors
  • Double sided 300mm pen tray
  • Australian made

Standard Sizes (mm):

  • 1205 x 912
  • 1205 x 1212
  • 1505 x 912
  • 1505 x 1212
  • 1805 x 912
  • 1805 x 1212
  • 2405 x 1212