Wallaces Corner Reception Desk in White can conveniently be assembled for right or left hand side access with side adjustable return to match offering optimum privacy

Full Front Reception Desk 1800 x 750
Full Front Return 900 x 600
Available in White

1850L x 775D x 1100H
900L x 600D x 1100H (Overall: 1850L x 1675L)
Chrome Strips, 345mm Under Hob
25mm desktop with 2 x cable holes
Decorative metal stripping on front panel

Wallaces office furniture are specialists in supplying imported and locally manufactured furniture that is fit for purpose and offers great value for money. Our products have extensive warranties are made with quality materials that can be customised to achieve all mandatory and desirable criteria, Wallaces Office Furniture is a Queensland provider of custom made “local buy” furniture, supporting Australian and local businesses