Wallaces Custom Made Corner Workstations, are made with 3 x piece desk tops. Custom made to any specification, size, quantity or colour. The desks are made for Heavy Duty use and are locally manufactured.

Custom Made Corner Workstations stand size guide:

1500 X 600 X 1500 X 600
1500 X 750 X 1500 X 750

1800 X 600 X 1800 X 600
1800 X 750 X 1800 X 750

2100 X 600 X 2100 X 600
2100 X 750 X 2100 X 750

2400 X 600 X 2400 X 600
2400 X 750 X 2400 X 750

Available optional additions include:

  • Extra support gable
  • Adjustable Keyboard
  • Fixed Drawer Pedestal
  • Mobile Drawer Pedestal
  • Adjustable Feet
  • One piece tops available

Wallaces Office Furniture Brisbane specialise in locally manufactured and customised desks, storage, chairs and general furniture items, all of which can be made to any size, colour, finish or specification required.
The average lead time for our manufacturing being 14 days, we can have your perfectly crafted and customised Australian Made furniture produced with only a short lead time.
Making the decision to purchase Australian Made goods helps support our community and small businesses, creating local jobs and ensuring the survival of Australian manufacturing which provides the freedom of choice in customised furniture.