Wallaces office furniture are specialists in supplying locally manufactured furniture that is fit for purpose and offers great value for money. The height adjustable movement stool have extensive warranties are made with quality materials that can be customised to achieve all mandatory and desirable criteria, Wallaces Office Furniture is a Queensland provider of custom made “local buy” furniture, supporting Australian and local businesses

Movement Stool

The latest in active seating available, the movement stool is one of the best ways to sit and still move. We now know the damage we are doing to ourselves by not moving during the day, this is one of the best ways to keep it all moving.The movement stool is a perfect seating option for children in the class room or even for study at home, with a height adjustable gas lift the seat is easily adjustable for all ages

No longer do you need various sizes of stools to suit the range of your student population, Movement stools adjust to suit almost everyone in a senior school environment, right up to adult size.It is impossible to actually sit on a movement stool no lying back, no slouching and definitely no sitting still. With a rotating convex base the movement stool forms one leg of a stable tripod, your own legs provide the other two parts. That means you are constantly flexing, adjusting and moving; the ideal way to stay focussed and concentrate.

But the coolest thing about the movement stool is that it is gas height adjustable. That means it fits a huge range of students and just about any application:

• Classrooms

• Libraries

• Study groups

• Open spaces

• Collaborative learning

• Behind a desk or on its own

Wallaces Office Furniture Brisbane specialise in locally manufactured and customised desks, storage, chairs and general furniture items, all of which can be made to any size, colour, finish or specification required.
The average lead time for our manufacturing being 14 days, we can have your perfectly crafted and customised Australian Made furniture produced with only a short lead time.
Making the decision to purchase Australian Made goods helps support our community and small businesses, creating local jobs and ensuring the survival of Australian manufacturing which provides the freedom of choice in customised furniture.