Flite Beam Seating

Flite is a beam-type seating designed for public spaces such as airports, hospitals, shopping centres, museums, reception areas, medical reception areas.  Seat rows can be linked together via a swivel joint with the round table positioned on top of it.  Rows can be linked back to back or even bolted to the floor.  Flite is supremely well designed and made to last in any public space.


Flite beam seat options suitable for Airports, hospitals and High turn-around public areas

Australian made to order, locally manufactured, can be customised to specific sizes and colours

  • 2, 3, 4 & more beam seat options
  • Comfortable integral polyurethane seat
  • Solid steel frame
  • With or without intermediate arms
  • No visible screws
  • Laser cut steel side table
  • Height adjustable feet
  • No seams for cleanliness

Please contact us for a detailed quotation for the Flite Beam Seat

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