Wallaces Square Back Beam Seating  is locally manufactured to exceed all Australian standards, using antimicrobial bacteria resistant foams making them perfect for high traffic areas and healthcare industry. Available in many seat options as well as finishes which can also be treated with antimicrobials to inhibit the spread of bacteria from surfaces.  Square Back beam Seating is suitable for hospitals, waiting rooms, medical facilities and high turn-around public areas

Australian made to order, locally manufactured, can be customised to specific sizes and colours.

Please contact Wallaces Furniture for a detailed quotation for the Medical Beam Seating. 

Wallaces Office Furniture Brisbane specialise in locally manufactured and customised desks, storage, chairs and general furniture items, all of which can be made to any size, colour, finish or specification required.

The average lead time for our manufacturing being 14 days, we can have your perfectly crafted and customised Australian Made furniture produced with only a short lead time.
Making the decision to purchase Australian Made goods helps support our community and small businesses, creating local jobs and ensuring the survival of Australian manufacturing which provides the freedom of choice in customised furniture.